Apartheid Museum

School visits: What you need to know

School visits to the Apartheid Museum make education about the country's history more creative and memorable.

They are important for establishing a comprehensive connection between learners and the information in their textbooks. If you wish visit to the museum, please note the following:

Bookings information

  • Admission fee is R60 per learner and R65 per teacher/educator
  • Bookings need to be confirmed a week before hand. There is no guarantee that the school can be accommodated if the tour is not confirmed.
  • The museum must be notified if the school is unable to attend at least a week beforehand.
  • If you have made a booking, the museum will provide a guided tour for your school.
  • Payment by cheque should be made out to the S.A. Apartheid Museum and handed over on arrival at the ticket office.
  • Payment can also be made in cash on arrival.
  • EFTs are accepted but you are required to produce proof of payment required on arrival.
  • Note once payment has been made, there will no possibility of a refund.

Visitor guidelines

  • After securing a booking, teachers are encouraged to visit the museum before bringing their learners. This visit will be free for a maximum of two teachers per school provided that they produce a letter stamped by their school.
  • Please specify in advance any topic you would like your guide to focus on.
  • Tours are designed for different age groups. Different age groups will explore different sections of the museum.
  • If you arrive late, your school may forfeit your guided tour and the teachers may have to take learners around the museum themselves.
  • The museum does not admit school groups of children younger than Grade 5 because of the sensitive nature of the material on display.
  • The museum opens at 9 am, and school tours take a minimum of two hours. Children will not benefit from the experience if the tour is cut short.
  • Teachers are expected to accompany the children with the guide on the tour, and are responsible for the behaviour of the children during the tour.
  • Every learner must bring a pen to complete some written activities in the museum.
  • Grades 6 – 9 children will each be given a booklet to work with in the museum, designed for their grade level. Teachers can also use these booklets in follow-up lessons when they return to school.
  • No cameras are allowed in the museum.
  • No food is allowed in the museum. If children require a snack break during the tour, this can be negotiated with the guide.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the museum. Teachers or children who are inebriated will not be allowed access to the museum.


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