Apartheid Museum

Tutu legacy film

This film is a visual and musical celebration of the life of Desmond Tutu and of his ideals. Like the Arch, the film is joyous, innovative and unexpected.

The graphics in the film draw on the iconic figure of Tutu, his face, his robes, the colours of the ministry to which he was committed for so long. As the lines combine to form his familiar figure, we feel the power of Tutu's energy and we are drawn to his vision.

The soundtrack is a fusion of a well-known isiXhosa hymn - Siyuko Indlela with the contemporary isiXhosa rap and selected voice samples from speeches of Desmond Tutu, The powerful harmonies of the hymn lift our spirits and remind us of the centrality of choral music in South Africa, especially in Christian life. This blends seamlessly into rap showcasing the creative brilliance of young singing talent engaging with Tutu's legacy.

The unexpected combination of rhythm inspired by the chanting and percussive beats on hymn books with the natural cadences of Tutu's own voice becomes a rap which is as revolutionary as he himself was - showing a deep respect for tradition along with a commitment to fresh and liberating ideas.

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