Apartheid Museum

The New Constitution

The symbols of South Africa’s new nationhood in the form of the flag and the national anthem are displayed here.

The core values of the constitution are repeated on the walls of this space. In the centre is a glass structure which contains a pile of stones. Visitors are invited to take a stone from the right and place it on a growing pile of stones on the left as a commitment to fighting against racism, prejudice and discrimination wherever they may encounter it. This is the reason for the Apartheid Museum.

Quick Facts

  • South Africa’s constitution is one of the most progressive in the world and contains the most inclusive equality clause.
  • South Africa's national anthem is the only one in the world to contain stanzas in five different languages.
  • The mission of the Apartheid Museum is to remind us of the importance of fighting against racism, discrimination and prejudice.
  • Sa Flag

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