Apartheid Museum

Protest and peace-making: In the streets and stadiums

The final years of apartheid were very volatile. Township life in particular was marked by frequent mass protests, regular political funerals and ongoing violent conflict between communities and the police. Desmond Tutu took to the streets and stadiums of South Africa to lead demonstrations against government brutality.

Tutu was often present at the most dangerous hotspots, urging calm, admonishing police, intervening to save lives and defuse conflict. He channelled the anger of young activists into constructive action. Along with other religious leaders, he put himself on the frontline ready to challenge the state and broker peace wherever he could.

Protest And Peace Making In The Streets And Stadiums
(Image: Top left: © Adil Bradlow. Top right © Louise Gubb. Bottom left: © Paul Weinberg. Bottom right: © Adil Bradlow)

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