Apartheid Museum

Mandela's presidency

The election of 1994 was seen by many as a miracle. It was one of the few times, perhaps the only time, that a colonising group had given up its power without a civil war or large scale external intervention.

A Government of National Unity was formed bringing together the National Party and the ANC as well as other political forces such as the IFP. The first post-apartheid parliament included representatives of all population groups in the country. For the first time, a quarter of the members of parliament were women.

Quick Facts

  • On 10 May 1994, after three and a half centuries of colonialism and apartheid, Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president.
  • By the time he became president, Mandela was 75 years old.
  • Once in power, Mandela ensured that all women and children were treated free of charge at all state hospitals and clinics.
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